If you’ve ever been in the gym, you know that muscle-building can be a pretty difficult job. In fact, you need to work-out hard, but also eat a proper diet, as well as get enough rest. And even if you manage to do all this, you will still have to wait months to see some results.

That’s why it’s not a big surprise that many people decide to take a shortcut. There are millions of people out there, who are using sports supplements in order to gain lean muscle. The thing is that not all of the supplements out there actually work. An even bigger problem is that those that actually bring fast results are banned! Of course, we’re talking about steroids.

How Anabolic Steroids Work?

All anabolics work basically in the same manner – they increase the levels of testosterone, the primary male hormone. The result is that the body starts creating more muscle. And we’re talking about a lot more muscle. In fact, when anabolic steroids are used, muscle gains can be incredible. The state in which the body is building muscle is called the anabolic state, hence the name of these steroids. 

Of course, it all depends on the dosage, as well as the type of steroid that’s used. One of the steroids that’s famous for its muscle-building properties is Dianabol a.k.a. d-bol a.k.a. Methandrostenolone. The biggest problem with this steroid is that it’s illegal in some countries.

Is Dianabol Legal?

If you’re a professional athlete, you’re guaranteed to get kicked off out of any competition if this steroid is found in your blood. That might not be the case with bodybuilding, as generally speaking, drug-testing is not a usual practice at bodybuilding competitions.

The fact is that many professional athletes use Dbol to gain weight during the bulking cycle. In fact, some of the legendary bodybuilders, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, have admitted having used this steroid in the past.

But, this doesn’t mean that we recommend using this steroid. On the contrary – we are very much against it. The first reason is that you can get in a lot of trouble if you try to buy it. Unless you have doctor’s prescription, you won’t be able to buy it legally in pharmacy. You can try to buy it from a dark web, but if you get caught, you can end up with some serious problems with the law.

The other, the even more important reason why we advise against the use of illicit steroids is that they can be really bad for your health. Although Dianabol is thought of as a less-harmful steroid, it still has plenty of side effects.

Side Effects of Dianabol

Actually, there are so many reported side effects of Dbol that mentioning each one of them would simply take too much time. Instead, we’re going to focus only on those that are really serious for your health. So, here they are:

Increased risk of liver cancer – Same as any orally administered steroid, dianabol also puts a strain on your liver. The good news is that this is an organ that’s very good at eliminating toxins. Still, if your dosages are large and you keep on taking dianabol for a prolonged period, the chance that you’ll develop liver cancer goes up significantly.

Increased levels of bad cholesterol – One proven side effect of Dbol is that it increases the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood. In turn, this means that your blood pressure will go up, which increased the risk of all kinds of coronary problems, including stroke and heart attack.

Acne problems – This is a skin condition that happens when your body is trying to expel toxins out of its system. The chances are high that your body will think of dianabol as a toxin, especially if you take too much of this steroid.

Male pattern baldness – As a common side effect of steroid use comes to the so-called male pattern baldness. It comes as a result of an increase in the levels of testosterone and affects the men who have a genetic predisposition for this kind of issue. So, if your father (or grandfather) has struggled with hair problems, you can be sure that male pattern baldness is going to affect you if you go on a heavy d bol cycle.

The growth of body hair – Another thing that comes as a result of increased testosterone is an excess body hair growth. Too much d bol and the hair is going to start growing in the places you surely don’t want it to grow – your back, shoulders, and so on.

Gynecomastia – Steroids increase the levels of testosterone drastically. This is accompanied by your body’s response, which involves a higher production of the female primary hormone, estrogen. And when there’s too much of this hormone in your body, certain traits start developing. One of the most common is gynecomastia, or “male breasts”

Water retention – The side effects that we’ve discussed previously do not necessarily have to happen. However, you are guaranteed to have problems with water retention on your dianabol cycle. Basically, you’re gonna get bloated like a puffer fish. If you’ve ever used creatine monohydrate, you can think of its water-retention effects as a mild version of what d bol brings along.

Is There a Way to Use Dianabol Without the Side Effects?

Unfortunately, there is no way of using steroids without any risk. However, there might be a way to get all the benefits of dbol without any side effects. We’re talking about using d-bol alternatives!

The main reason why a d-bol alternative might be a better solution than the real thing is that it’s 100% natural. Only natural sources are used for these types of products, meaning that you have nothing to fear about your health.

Furthermore, the fact that these supplements are made from natural ingredients means that there’s no need for the government to ban them. In fact, each of the natural d-bol alternatives that you can find on the market is completely legal.

So, if you’re traveling abroad, you got nothing to worry about that the customs officials will make you any problems if they find a bottle of Metandienone alternative in your bag. Furthermore, if you’re a professional sportsman, you should have no fear that using these supplements would result in getting banned from competition.

What Kind of Results to Expect from Dbol Alternatives?

The main reason why everyone hasn’t ditched real d-bol is that people are afraid that the natural alternatives aren’t powerful enough. It’s true that you might not be able to gain too much weight with a natural supplement, but the reason why that is the case might surprise you.

Natural supplements do not cause water retention. What this means is that if you switch real dianabol with its natural alternative, you will gain only lean muscle, nothing else!

This is just one of many advantages of natural dbol alternatives. Here are a few more:

Increased nitrogen retention – Nitrogen is responsible for the firmness of your muscles. What this means is that while using a d-bol alternative, you will have an impressive muscle pump. Not only will this make you feel good about yourself but it will also increase your strength. You will be able to press harder and lift more!

Improved protein synthesis – The whole point of using a sports supplement is to gain results that will last for a long time. Surely, using a dbol supplement will increase the levels of nitrogen, thus making you look big and muscular during the cycle. However, you surely want those results to last much longer. This is why d-bol alternatives are great – they enhance the synthesis of protein, meaning that your body will build more muscle.

Enhanced production of red blood cells – The purpose of red blood cells is to transport oxygen to your muscle cells. This means that using a dbol alternative will make you feel full of energy even after a hard workout.

Increased metabolic activity – You have nothing to worry about getting fat while using a natural alternative to dbol. It’s because this type of supplements boosts your metabolism, in turn making your body burn fat.

How to Find a Good Legal Dianabol Alternative?

After reading about the results of using natural d-bol supplements, you’re probably wondering how to find them. The good news is that you can find such supplements easily on the internet. The bad news is that finding one that’s actually worth your money might not be that easy.

The reason is simple the internet is full of scammers looking to rob you of your money. There are lots of supplements out there, which are claimed to have d-bol like effects on you. The problem is that most of them simply don’t work.

So, how are you supposed to find a supplement that will help you get massive gains without risking your health? Well, you can try to read a bunch of reviews and try to figure out which ones aren’t fake. Or, you can listen to what experts have to say!

If you trust us, we’ll be glad to share our experiences with you. Stay put, as we’re now going to discuss the only legal steroids that has never disappointed us!

CrazyBulk’s D-Bal – A 100% Natural Supplement that Actually Works

To be perfectly honest with you, we have tried a bunch of different natural supplements so far, spending thousands of dollars literally along the way. Unfortunately, we achieved nothing apart from emptying our wallets.

But, then we’ve come across CrazyBulk’s D-Bal, a legal alternative to dianabol. At this point, you may wonder what made us give a chance to a supplement made by a fairly unknown manufacturer. Well, we were sold after simply taking a look at the list of ingredients!

D-Bal uses nothing but natural ingredients, coming from various parts of the world – Amazonian rainforests, Himalayan Mountains, Siberian wastelands, and so on. What this means is that getting ahold of those ingredients would be a very difficult job, but this way, you get all of them in a pill.

But, why are these ingredients so important? Well, there are many reasons for that, starting with the fact that they enhance the production of natural testosterone. Unlike real dianabol that supply your body with artificial testosterone, this supplement makes your body produce testosterone on its own. This means that using CrazyBulk’s D-Bal comes with absolutely no risk of side effects that are commonly associated with steroid use.

Another great thing about D-Bal is that it some of its ingredients boost your metabolism and work as natural fat-burners. What this means is that using this supplement means gaining lean muscle, not fat or water.

Other great things about CrazyBulk’s D-Bal include the following:

  • Increases protein metabolism
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Boosts the retention of nitrogen
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Has a beneficial effect on muscle soreness
  • Improves the health of joints
  • Boosts your libido
  • Can have an effect in treating erectile dysfunction

If you’re still not convinced that D-Bal is the right supplement for you, you should also know that it’s 100% legal to use. So, if you’re a professional athlete, you got nothing to worry about failing a doping test. The final reason why CrazyBulk’s D-Bal is the ultimate sports supplement is that it doesn’t cost too much. Sometimes, there are certain promotions in which you can even get 3 bottles for the price of 2.  Furthermore, depending on where you live, you can even get free delivery.

How to Get Yourself a Pack of CrazyBulk’s D-Bal?

At this moment, CrazyBulk’s D-Bal can be bought only online. What this means is that you can’t go to a sports supplement shop like GNC or a pharmacy and ask for this supplement. Instead, you can only order it online.

Although we still haven’t found any scammers that sell counterfeit D-Bal, it doesn’t mean that they won’t appear in the future. That is why our advice is to play it safe and order it directly from the official website of CrazyBulk.


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