If you have been trying to find a fast solution to burn fat, you’ve probably come across many supplements offered by different companies promising the same thing – to lose fat fast and get the desired body. And you are probably wondering which one is the right for you. Note that a big number of those products are very effective and can provide you the desired results. You can burn fat a lot faster than with using any other method.

Most of these supplements contain the same ingredients which are very helpful when it comes to improving the metabolism, boosting your energy levels and decreasing the feeling of hunger and most importantly – burn fat. These supplements are the secret of many celebrities and stars who manage to get the perfect body thanks to them. The good thing is that these products are available on the market and you can easily buy one just with one simple click.

What is a Fat Burner?

Fat burners are one of the most popular types of supplements for weight loss and designed to help you improve many other things. They can help you boost your energy levels, improve your mood and your metabolism. By doing all these things at once, they reduce your appetite and help you burn calories fast. These supplements are very popular among fitness models and athletes too because it gives them enough energy and helps them build muscles mass. They are called supplements because they supplement a source in the body.

Generally, people choose one or the other way to burn fat, either going to the gym or some strict diet instead of choose the easier way or let’s say the whole package. Why limit yourself to getting only 30% when you can get all 100% of effectiveness with the fat burners?

Most fat burning supplements contain a high percentage of stimulants and other components that increase the metabolism. This makes sure that they help in the process of fat loss. Taking low-calorie intake in foods will deliver better results than dietary amino acids. The fat burners you are about to read for will guarantee that you burn fat faster and in the same time, they do not interfere with your diet because they are low in carbs and rich in proteins.

A Good Fat Burner Should Have:

Here is a list of things that a good Fat Burner should have:

  • It should destroy fat deposits
  • Keep muscle mass
  • It should boost your energy levels
  • Improving metabolism is another important factor

When used properly (the right dosage) they can do make a significant change in your body.

So How Does a Fat Burner Works?

It is a fact that calorie reduction is an essential step to fat loss. However, low-calorie intake occurs to a certain extent in the muscle mass.

What kind of process occurs in the body that helps burn fat fast? In order to understand it better, you need to know that the three essential amino acids; leucine, isoleucine, and valine are decomposed in the muscle where they are used as fuel. This process ensures that the protein synthesis rate in the body is high enough to reduce the catabolic effects of low-calorie intake. In other words, the negative impact of reduced caloric intake decreases. And as a result, your body starts burning all the excess fat and just in a short period of time you will start noticing the results of losing weight.

Note that some of these supplements work by reducing the level of cortisol, i.e. the stress hormone that promotes the storage of fat in the body. In addition, it acts as an appetite suppressor, which prevents excessive calorie consumption. So, with the usage of these supplements, you will get a lot of benefits that will finally burn the excess fat and improve your health.

Make sure to choose the right one (Don't worry we are here to help you)


  • Green Tea
    Green tea is the most common ingredient contained in almost every fat burning supplement because it is known for its weight loss properties. Besides that, it contains numerous antioxidants that are very healthy for the body.
  • Caffeine
    Another helpful ingredient contained in the fat burning supplements. Caffeine is definitely an ingredient that many people try to avoid when trying to lose weight which is completely wrong because many studies have shown the opposite. It is almost as effective as the green tea.
  • Garcinia Cambogia
    Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit that is found in many fat burning supplements. Since it is derived from fruit, it is definitely worth trying because it is an effective ingredient contained in fat burners. The extract from Garcinia has shown so many benefits in reducing the desire to eat and the cravings for junk food.
  • Black Pepper
    For some of you this might not seem like the most usual and common ingredient that should be contained in the fat burning supplement. But many studies have shown that black pepper is very effective when it comes to stopping the development of fat cells.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid
    This ingredient is mostly found in meat products which is a substance that is popular for its fat burning properties.
  • Thermodiamine
    Another extract from a tropical fruit which is a common ingredient in fat burning products. It works in a very amazing way that it increases the temperature of the whole body so that it starts burning fat.

Are There Any Side Effects?

(Well TBH Everything has Some Sort of Side effects)

Even though there are countless of benefits when it comes to using fat burners, it must be noted that there are side effects from their excessive use. Using them without a proper dosage can slow down your metabolism and cause you problems with your gastrointestinal tract.

You must determine the right dosage when using a fat burning supplement because most of them contain diuretics and other ingredients for energy boosting. Which means that if you exaggerate with its usage you might get headaches, stomachaches. Due to some of the ingredients they contain, it might kill all the good bacteria in your stomach and cause diarrhea or constipation. Make sure to use probiotics while consuming this product.

Some of them may also have a reverse effect on some people, i.e. increase their hunger. That is why it is recommended to get the proper dosage prescribed by a specialist to get the best results. Talk to your doctor so that they can recommend you the best product for you. Make sure to read the instructions and the dosage recommendations carefully before starting to use the product.

Other side effects that might appear are:

  • Anxiety – It is a fact that almost every fat burner increase the levels of the hormone cortisol which is also known as the stress hormone. If you take high dosages of your supplement, you might feel stressed and anxious.
  • Insomnia – Due to the increased level of cortisol insomnia might be another side effect that you can experience.
  • Low concentration – Another side effect due to the increased level of cortisol. As a result of increased stress or insomnia, it is very likely that you will be tired and your concentration will be low.

These are the most common side effects that have been noticed in people who use fat burners. Note that this doesn’t mean that you will get all these side effects at once. Most of the users don’t even get one side effect.


Our Top Pick

This is a high – quality product that has shown its efficiency over the years and helped hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers over the world. Yes, its benefits are countless when it comes to burning fat. The fact that it is available on the market for years now speaks a lot for this product.
The main reason why we tried to research more about this glorious product was the fact that it was used by so many people around the world. And all of them got great results.

It contains powerful ingredients such as artichoke leaf extract, cayenne pepper, calcium carbonate, chromium picolinate, L-carnitine, Caffeine, and others. It works by burning fat as a result of the combination of the products, stops fat production and satisfies your desire to eat. Besides that, it boosts your energy and improves your mood. It is perfect for women who are trying to lose baby weight, weight gained from junk food, stress or increased levels of hormones.


  • It allows you to lose fat in the fastest way possible
  • It improves the metabolism of the person who takes it
  • It helps you feel satiated
  • Improves the temperature of the body which is crucial when it comes to burning calories
  • It increases energy levels
  • You do not need a prescription to use it
  • It contains healthy ingredients
  • It has been used by a large number of people around the world


  • None


Overall, based on the research we conducted, the Phen375 is a top product that is preferred by users around the world compared to other supplements. No wonder why it is the first product on our list. It definitely satisfies everyone’s needs, so go ahead and try it. Girls, go for it if you wish to get the perfect bikini body. Now is the time to do something about it without affecting your overall health.
Here is a link to their website: https://phen375.com/

Fitmiss Burn

Another great product that we must tell you about. The next product on our list is the Fitmiss Burn supplement that has all the necessary ingredients that will help you burn fat very quickly and make you feel more energized than ever. FitMiss is a product designed for women that is a substitute for snacks and shakes. There are more than 15 natural ingredients that are mixed together and work perfectly. It is high in protein and very low in calorie which is great for those on a keto diet or high protein diets.

Here are some of the main ingredients: Green tea, Minerals, Vitamins, Turmeric, and Vegetable based proteins.

There is absolutely no doubt that this high – protein supplement is a great source of nutrients that at the same time is an effective fat burner.


  • Delicious
  • Nutritious
  • High Protein product
  • Gluten free
  • Burns fat fast
  • Makes you feel full fast
  • It is affordable
  • Can be used as a substitute for snacks
  • It provides the necessary nutrients to the body


  • Not recommended to be used for a very long period of time


A product that was designed especially for women, hence the name. If you were looking for a product that contains a high percentage of proteins, this is the right one for you. You can buy it online from their official page where you can also read more about the product. Here is a link to their website: https://www.fitmiss.com


When it comes to burning fat, every person in this world needs help in order to get the desired results. It is not a secret that even celebrities are using supplements like LeanBean to maintain their body shapes and look gorgeous.

Why did we choose LeanBean? Because it is a great product that can even be used by athletics and fitness models too. The product itself was mainly created for athletes and people who are physically active. The combination of green tea and Konjac fibre will allow you to burn all the fat accumulated in your body in a very short period of time. It is like a dream come true.


  • Satisfies the appetite (It contains four appetite suppressants that work great)
  • Contains healthy and natural ingredients: Green tea, Turmeric, Konjac Fibre
  • It is high in vitamins
  • It delivers quick results compared to other supplements


  • Excessive use might cause you problems with your stomach


LeanBean is a great supplement with a price acceptable for anyone. Note that the product also comes in a package of multiple bottles included at a lower price, so this is always the best option when it comes to buying the product.

Here is a link to their website: www.leanbeanofficial.com

Since athletes and fitness models can use this product; it means that it is a completely safe product that you can use for as long as you want to (using the right dosage) until you see the results that you strived for.

Shred Her – NLA for her

Shred her has created another great product for women around the world who want to get the prefect bikini body and burn fat in a short period of time. It is a very popular and known product among women that has been used for quite some time.

We decided to research this product and provide you with all the details that you will need for it.
The ingredients that this product contains are: Green tea, Caffeine, Citrus Aurantium Extract Raspberry Keystones. You are already aware of the powerful combination of green tea and caffeine but adding the Citrus Aurantium, Extract Raspberry Ketones doubles the effect when it comes to burning fat fast.


  • Contains healthy ingredients
  • Increases body metabolism
  • Controls appetite
  • It is designed for women
  • Increases energy
  • Improves mood
  • The product can be perfectly combined with a healthy diet and exercise


  • Not recommended to be used for a very long period of time


The Shred Her fat burner is great if you are looking for something that will boost your energy while working out and double your results. But this does not have to mean that people who do not work out much cannot use it.

As for the price, you can buy it for $27.97 on Amazon. It is sold online and you can get a huge discount if you decide to buy more bottles at once.

Leanmode Evolution Nutrition

We’ve come to the last product on our list. Just because it is the last one on the list, it does not have to mean that it is not good.

Why did we decide to put Leanmode on our list of top 5 fat burners? First of all, it is a product that uses less stimulants which is a feature that is being preferred by some people. This is a positive thing for those whose digestive system is sensitive. It still contains all the necessary ingredients that give you energy and increase your metabolism. And let’s not forget about the Garcinia that has the ability to bring your hunger levels very low.


  • Contains Green Tea
  • Contains Garcinia
  • Contains Caffeine
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Boosts Energy


  • Due to the light ingredients, it contains, it might not be effective when it comes to suppressing hunger and making you feel satiated.


Leanmode is a high – rated product used by many consumers around the world who managed to achieve their desired results. This is a great product if you are new at this and are looking to buy a product that does not have such strong effects. You can start with this product and if you are not really satisfied with the fat burning results you are getting, you can move on to another powerful and effective product like our top pick.

Here is a link to their website: https://www.evlnutrition.com

Final Verdict

These are the top 5 fat burners for women that we consider as the most effective if you are trying to get your body into the perfect shape for the summer. According to our research, we prefer the Phen375 as the most effective and healthiest product on the list.

When you decide to purchase a fat burner product make sure to choose the right product for yourself that contains the required and preferred ingredients that will satisfy your needs.

Andrew has been a personal trainer since 2001 and was chosen as Canada's Top Fitness Professional in 2013 for his dedication to his clients' success.