If you are using steroids to assist your body in achieving a certain goal, you are most certainly interested in the amount of time that will pass before you get to see the results of your hard work. So, how long will it take for an average cycle to get you bigger?

It is all about the time, isn’t it?

We all know that using steroids will get you nothing if you don’t workout and that you can get incredible results without any use of steroids whatsoever. However, if you want the results to come as soon as possible, you might consider using steroids, and, if you are, the ever nagging question – “when will I see results if I use steroids?” – is never outside of arm’s reach for you. Seriously, it is probably one of the most common questions related to legal steroids, it comes right after “how big will I get?”. So, what is the answer?

Not so easy to answer

Not everyone will react the same way to the steroid that they are using and not everyone will follow the same training regime, so it is already really hard to precisely pinpoint the time you might need to spend in the gym while using steroids to know when the results will be there. Add the dietary differences to the equation, and the task becomes almost impossible. And that is not all, there are multiple other factors that must be considered every time you talk about working out and achieving certain goals. For an example, your genetics and health issues are also incredibly important factors:

The Diet

Steroids can help build mass, but you need to have a balanced diet and enough protein if you want any really decent results, and if you take in too much sugar during the day, you might find yourself with quite a bit of fat covering up the results that you want the world to see.

Health Issues

There are certain health issues that will prevent you from achieving the goal weight in the expected time period regardless of your steroid use. For an example, people with Type 1 diabetes will have issues gaining weight, and the newly-popular gluten sensitivity (that most people who claim it simply do not have) also known as the celiac disease can prevent your body from absorbing food properly, and thus, being thin just might be the result of it. Another disease that can stop you from bulking up is Graves’ disease. It can cause your thyroid to work overtime and dramatically increase your metabolism leading to you losing weight even if you are ingesting insane amounts of calories.Now, do not get me wrong, I will present some numbers in the article to give you a rough idea, but do not get frustrated if it goes a bit slower, or surprised if you achieve your goals significantly faster than what is expected.

It is still faster

Even when we do take all of these factors in and understand that nothing can guarantee the exact moment you will see results, using legal steroids as supplementswill speed up your progress. Many will tell you that legal steroids cannot replace anabolics, and that’s true. Even though they are not as fast as anabolic steroids are, the legal options are still faster than going natty. The results you achieve will be more noticeable and you will see a big difference between the natty results and the steroid results. Realistically, you can expect legal steroids to outperform other supplements that you use. Of course, you should always be very careful with choosing which steroids you are using, as certain kinds of legal steroids simply do not mix. Check with your supplier and your trainer before you decide what to combine.

So, how potent are legal steroids?

If you buy legal steroid supplements and you are not particularly experienced when it comes to them, you might expect results the very next day. After all, that does sound like exactly what you want. But it will take more than that. In fact, on the first day, it is quite possible that you will see no difference at all. However, after a week or so, your training sessions are going to be a lot more fun. You will feel stronger, have more energy, recover almost instantly after your training sessions and yes, lift heavier weights. But most of all, you will feel a lot fresher during and after exercises, and the changes will be visible.There are testimonials of people who claim to have gained 30 pounds in 2 months just by using legal steroid supplements. Of course, not all of it is muscle. In fact, probably about less than a half is, but even that is an incredible result. Think of it this way, a study on the effectiveness of steroids had a control group that was not given steroids but did work out to gain weight and ate appropriately, they gained 4.4 pounds on average. Compare that to at least 12 pounds gained by people on legal steroids, and you can see that you will still have an incredible increase in your muscle mass.

Nothing works if you’re not focused

So remember, for any lasting result you need to remain focused and on point. Sure, by using legal steroids you can get to your desired physique in, give or take, 3 months if you do not have any competitions in mind. Go through 8 weeks of bulking and 4 weeks of cutting and you should be pleased with the results. A buddy from the gym has done the full 3-month run and achieved a weight gain of 15 pounds and he is more shredded than ever. Now, I cannot claim that all of it was the result of the supplements he was taking, but we have been training together for over a year now, and the difference is quite noticeable.

Using steroids can either be a shortcut for those who want to achieve muscle gain in a really short period of time or an assistance to those who have a desire to achieve effects that cannot be achieved naturally. In the end, I do not claim to know what is the best path for you, it is your choice to make, after all.

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